Tubal factor are responsible for about 30-40% cases of female infertility. Tubal blockage is one of the most critical factor for female infertility.

Causes of Tubal blockage

  1. Pelvic infection
  2. Peritubal adhesions
  3. Endosalpingeal damage
  4. Hydrosalping
  5. Previous tubal surgery 
  6. Tubal endometriosis
  7. Genital tuberculosis
  8. Polyps and mucous debris
  9. Ectopic pregnancy

In Ayurveda three doshas are responsible for tubal blockage. Pitta dosha causes inflammation in the tubes thus resulting blockage. Ayurvedic herbs and utterbasti is best treatment for tubal blockage. 

Types of Tubal blockage

  1. Proximal or corneal block
  2. Midsegmental block
  3. Distal or fimbrial block

Tests for detecting Tubal potency 

  1. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)- HSG used to assess the interior anatomy of the uterus and tubal potency.
  2. Dilatation and insufflation
  3. Sono hystro salpingography 
  4. Laparoscopic chromopertubation

Treatment for Tubal blockage 

Utter basti is best local treatment for fallopian tube blockage and other cause of infertility. Medicated oil or ghee administration through the genital route for remove the obstraction of tube.

Drugs use for Tubal blockage

  1. Kanchanar guggul
  2. Punarnava guggul
  3. Chandraprabha vati
  4. Raktapachak vati
  5. Triphala powder