Failure of a couple of reproductive age to conceive after at least 1 year of regular coitus without contraception.


  1. Primary infertility – Infertility in a woman who has never been pregnant.
  2. Secondary infertility – infertility in a woman who has had one or more previous pregnancies but is now unable to conceive.

Types of female infertility in Ayurveda

  1. Vandhya (Absolute sterility and incurable)
  2. Apraja (women can become pregnant and curable)
  3. Sapraja (women who become inflicted with infertility during her childbearing years after already conceiving one or more children.


  1. Ovarian  cause
  2. Tubal factor
  3. Uterine factor
  4. Pelvic factor
  5. Cervical cause
  6. Unexplained

Cause of female infertility in Ayurveda

  1.  Yonipradosa (abnormalities of reproductive organs)
  2. Yonivyapad  ( gynecologic disorders)
  3. Abnormalities of asrk (abnormalities of menstruation and ovum)
  4. Garbhakosabhanga (injury to the uterus)
  5. Psychological  factor
  6. Abnormal diet
  7. Abnormal mode of life
  8. Akala yoga(coitus in improper time)

Treatment of female infertility in ayurveda

Line of Treatment

  1. Nidan parivarjan
  2. Brmhana chikitsa
  3. Snehan-swedana
  4. Vamana
  5. Verachan 
  6. Basti 
  7. Utter basti

Ayurvedic Drugs for Infertility

  1. Phalaghrta
  2. Satawari ghrta
  3. Dasamularista
  4. Yogarajaguggulu
  5. Narayana oil