Recurrent abortion is a condition where there are three or more consecutive spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks of pregnancy or fetus weight less then 500gm.

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a broader term which includes recurrent abortion and also the pregnancy wastages in later months of pregnancy. 


Ayurvedic treatment in recurrent abortion helps strengthen the uterus to hold the fetus. Ayurvedic treatment include Vata-Pitta shamak, Raktashodhak, Beeja shudhikar, Gharbhasthapaka drugs and  panchkarma therapy prevent to spontaneous abortion.

 Recurrent Abortion causes

  1. Maternal 
  2. Fetal 
  3. Idiopathic 

Maternal causes include Rh incompatibility, endocrinal and metabolic, Immunological, Inherited thrombophilias, Infection and anatomical abnormalities (cervical insufficiency, Bicornuate , septate uterus and uterine synechiae). Chromosomal defects in fetus and parents may result in recurrent early pregnancy losses.

In ayurveda the root cause of abortion is Vata. The vitiated vata again and again destroys the garbh. Also shonita has been mentioned among the nidan of Putraghani Yonivyapada.

 Acharya Sushruta mentioned putraghani yonivyapada under Pitta Dushti. So the ayurvedic treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss includes vata-pitta shamak chikitsa.

Recurrent pregnancy loss not only deteriorate physical health of the women but most importantly it iffects of mental health of women.

Investigation for Recurrent Abortion

  1. TORCH
  2. Thyroid function test
  3. Karyotyping
  4. Antiphospholipid antibody
  5. Hysterosalpingogram


Following Ayurvedic treatment for recurrent abortion

Ayurvedic drugs having vata-pitta shamak, Balya,Rasayana, Raktashodhaka and Gharbhasthapaka property use in recurrent abortion.

Panchkarma therapy –

1.Snehana- swedana for Vata nashak.

  1. Virechana, Raktamokshan for detoxification of dosha.
  1. Basti for normalized Apanvayu
  2. Utterbasti to provide nourishment and strength of uterus.